About Us

Who are we?

Bon vivant, raconteur, and musicologist, Bob (whose name is not only a palendrome but also calls to mind the preferred method of perambulation of the red red robin) has risen professionally from the rank of lowly clerk for Sealy Mattress Company to Chief Financial Officer of International Power Technology, an industry leader in independent power plant operations, maintenance and management services.

Mary Lou's love of the written word has led to her employment in bookstores and both college and public libraries, and she is currently on staff at the Schaberg Branch of the Redwood City library. Mary Lou is also a world-class cook (which partially explains Bob's ever-expanding waistline) and an avid gardener, spending countless hours researching plants and visiting nurseries and botanical gardens in search of inspiration for her home gardening projects.

As the "Worldtravelers", Bob and Mary Lou have visited, either together or individually, Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Mexico, Canada, and Japan, and have driven through much of the continental United States. Bob made numerous trips to Vienna on business during the early 1990's, and used it as a "home base" for European travels, while Mary Lou has made month-long trips to Ireland, backpacking and staying in hostels while touring the country.

One of their most memorable trips was a Christmas-New Years holiday when they met in Vienna, took a night sleeper train through Germany to Holland, spent Christmas night in Haarlem, then on to Amsterdam for New Years. Photos and stories from that trip will eventually be posted in the "Travel" section of Worldtraveler.org.


Bob at Schonbrunn


Bob enjoys winter in the gardens of Schonbrunn (the summer palace) in Vienna.


Mary Lou and the Mouth of Truth

Mary Lou

Mary Lou tests out La Bocca Della Verita (the Mouth of Truth) in Rome.