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Fulton Street Facelift

Old HouseNew House

Before And After.

It took five years of planning, searching through books and websites looking for color and design ideas, countless visits to paint and hardware stores, and finally consulting with a landscape designer and choosing a landscaping contractor, but the "curb appeal" landscaping project has been completed.

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It's Bacon!!!

Coming Soon - A taste test of some of America's finest mail-order bacon. Up first - Nueske's Applewood Smoked bacon.


Good Eats

Our favorite dining spots (home and away), recipes, and other culinary delights.


Our Travels

Photo galleries and stories from our travels. Most of these are kind of old, we haven't gone anywhere in a while...

Just a simple website to keep our family and friends up to date.

New content will be added regularly, at least until I lose interest.

Demotivator of the Day

CURIOSITY : Some places remain unknown because no one has ventured forth. Others remain so because no one has ever come back. »

CANCER (Jun 22 - Jul 22)

Someday you'll look back on all this and laugh, you sick, demented, inhuman monster.

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